Magnetic Body Post Marker Kit - Big Scale

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The Bittydesign Magnetic Body Post Marker Kit is the right choice to make perfect holes on your body shell, 6 different iridium colors to meet your preference.

We are racers like you and we know well how difficult is to make the body post holes perfectly trimmed left and right: the magnets kit resolve the problem with semplicity and rapidity. Say goodbye to wrong holes or bodies mounted not straight on the chassis, with the high-powered magnets you will obtain exact position of your car's body posts in a minute. Check out the ease of use of the tool in the following video*!

*Ps. into the video we used a 1/10 scale model but the use of the kit is the SAME also on Big Scale models. 

The kit is optimized to be used on all the big scale (1/5 - 1/6 - 1/7 - 1/8) On-Road models cars; the diameter of the body clips post must be 7-8mm (not wider).