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M410, JP8 & JP8HR ULT, to add even more speed we added lightness!

The new Ultra Lite technology creating a ultra light body with maintained form during the run gives you that extra edge you need in competition. Go to the page.

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Bittydesign Liquid Mask

This special masking liquid is a concentrate of technology indispensable for realizing paintworks of maximum quality with a considerable saving of time. Try it and you'll be speechless.

Developed on thousand painted rc bodies, the liquid contains all our know-how acquired over time, making the product extremely versatile and easy to use for everyone.

Graphics for all the classes at the top of quality, with unique original design.

10 years of experience and refinement of technique allows us to offer always innovative and modern paintworks which set new standards. Our graphics are among the most imitated in the world, choose the original italian style signed Bittydesign.

Check out all the graphics that we offer, go to the page!

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Bittydesign EURO Contest X is back!

Follow our international buggy event, live the great atmosphere of the funniest European annual race also from your home thanks to the full report of our media partner Neobuggy, video, photos, interviews and much more. Sign the 2019 date, June 21 -23 hosted to the amazing OspyTeam facility, Italy!

10th ANNIVERSAY (2009 - 2019) "X" edition!

EURO Contest website | Bittydesign Contest on Facebook


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