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Liquid Mask 16oz

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Liquid Mask 32oz

SKU: BD-LM32 In stock

All  our painted body shells are made with the use of Liquid Mask For the beginners and pros. Try it and you will be speechless, you will not renounce it anymore.

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Product Features

  • the Liquid Mask is is ready to use, you not need to dilute it
  • it is water-based withour solvent, not harmful to health. You can safely use it even at home
  • Dries quickly when subjected to a jet of hot air
  • Once the package is opened, if stored properly it can last for several months
  • with the 16oz format you can prepare about 20 buggy 1/8 bodies and about 12/13 1/10 touring bodies; with the 32oz bottle double quantities

Video Tutorial

Here you find 3 practical video 'Tutorial' that explains step by step how to use at best our special liquid from the preparation of the body to the drafting of the Liquid Mask and finally the multiple steps of airbrushing, all you need to know is explained in detail. Good vision!

Our Portfolio

Check out some pics to see HOW we use the Liquid Mask; scroll down and click the images to enlarge